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Engage with your future shoppers before opening

So much more effective than an “opening soon” sign.

When opening a new (flagship) location, all brands hope that their new store in a new location will be anticipated by the future shoppers, that their opening is the talk in town!

How are opening usually announced? We all know the “opening soon” posters, applied on the outside of the construction site of the unit which is remodeled to the future look.

3DWD® offers you a possibility to create a lot more buzz: our 3D Window Dressing® in its customized version – as a realtime preview of what your shoppers can find here in future! We create your future store in 3D, exactly as it will be on the big day of opening, reflecting your identity and the future feel! You can tie this into your online and offline brand communication and already create a community of clients before you have even opened the store!

Multiple projects of this kind have been executed in many countries – check out the pictures to get an impression!

Our service in a nutshell

  • Available in digital and print version
  • Interact with your shoppers and create buzz before opening
  • Highly realistic preview of your new flagship location
  • Adaptable to different locations to justify initial setup financially

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