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A new way to deliver unique experiences wherever your target audience is.

Why do I need a BuzzBox?

The BuzzBox® is an original concept by 3DWD®, created to improve and expand retail brands and communities. It is aimed for testing different markets and target groups without a long term lease commitment.

Built out of a shipping container, we can shape, design and brand your BuzzBox® using your house style and ship it around the world to meet your audience, wherever they happen to be.

The BuzzBox® offers a tangible experience to your clients, allowing them to connect with a physical and an online store in a single experience, as interactive and tech savvy as you want it to be!

Experience the brand

Experiential marketing needs to be unlocked to get your audience to love you and the BuzzBox is the key: it enables you to guarantee the same experience in multiple locations, to meet your audience locally and introduce yourself 1 on 1.
A BuzzBox is a combination of ideas and innovative ways of integrating technology with the most diverse architectural structures, we can create a complete self-contained, branded experience as interactive and tech savvy as you want it to be.

3DWD works with some of the leading developers in retail & mixed-use real estate and some major brands from all over the world. We work closely together, connecting and developing the BuzzBox in order to supply you both with the perfect location and neighbors to your style. We deliver a network where you can create your pop-up brand experience, no matter your industry (food, fashion, offices, etc).

Mobility is the key factor of the BuzzBox. Where is your next location?

Contact us now to order your BuzzBox. Our team is buzzing with ideas for your brand!

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