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A new way to deliver unique experiences wherever your target audience is.

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Experiential marketing needs to be unlocked to get your audience to love you and the BuzzBox® is the key: it enables you to guarantee the same experience in multiple locations, to meet your audience locally and introduce yourself 1 on 1.
A BuzzBox® is a combination of ideas and innovative ways of integrating technology with the most diverse architectural structures, we can create a complete self-contained, branded experience as interactive and tech savvy as you want it to be.

3DWD works with some of the leading developers in retail & mixed-use real estate and some major brands from all over the world. We work closely together, connecting and developing the BuzzBox® in order to supply you both with the perfect location and neighbors to your style. We deliver a network where you can create your pop-up brand experience, no matter your industry (food, fashion, offices, etc).

Mobility is the key factor of the BuzzBox®. Where is your next location?

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