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A new way to deliver unique experiences wherever your target audience is.

Why do I need a BuzzBox?

A BuzzBox is a shipping container that we can shape, design, brand with your own identity and ship it around the world to meet your audience, wherever that may be.
Standing out, capturing the attention and developing the brand. That is what it is all about these days. BuzzBox offers a tangible experience to your target audience and provides you with an opportunity to meet your target group in person and let them experience your brand. We can create a consistent experience, integrating the latest technologies and use it wherever you need it to be.

Experience the brand

If we are saying that experiential marketing needs to be unlocked to get your audience to love you, BuzzBox is the key: it enables you to guarantee the same experience in multiple locations, meet your audience locally and “talk” to them 1 on 1.
A BuzzBox can be as simple or as tech-infused as you want it to be. Your brand, your story, delivered where your customers are, over and over again. That is what we offer you.
3DWD works with some of the leading developers in retail & mixed-use real estate. We deliver a network where you can create your pop-up FOOD, FASHION, (Fill in what you want…) brand experience.
And when you are done? We pick it up and move on to the next place…

Call us now to learn more about options. We are buzzing with ideas for your brand!

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