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The Summit at Fritz Farm

Beautiful 3D designs for Lexington, Kentucky

In the city of Lexington, Kentucky, consumers now have a new possibilities to not only shop at great stores but to spend leisure time in the city’s newest mix-use development, the Summit at Fritz Farm.

The Summit at Fritz Farm is a finely curated mixed-use destination celebrating the rich heritage of Lexington, KY. Blending street-level retail, Class A office space, a boutique hotel and a residential component, The Summit at Fritz Farm will be a first-class destination for the discerning and trend-setting consumer.

Taking all generations’ needs into account, this property is planned to have the feeling of a little village where customers are constantly surprised with new concepts and approaches.

In preparation of grand opening day a few weeks ago, 3DWD had the pleasure to work for the developer of the property and to support the decoration of stores which were, despite all efforts, not quite ready for the opening. What a great opportunity to contribute with newly created and carefully adapted 3D Window Dressing®s, rounded off with their own signature storefront developed in the style of the architecture of the beautiful open air mixed-use property.


“ The graphics truly turned out FABULOUS. We cannot thank you enough for ALL of your efforts over the past several weeks…what an accomplishment in such a short amount of time!”

Lindsay Bayer-Shipp
Creative Director – Brand and Merchandising Strategist at Bayer Properties, LLC

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