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Oversized graphics for a great grand opening

Hoog Catharijne is back – and wow, it looks great.

The 3DWD® team works all over the world, on five continents, to support developers  with openings of new retail and mixed-use centers. Of course, we were thrilled to assist with the opening of this famous shopping center, only 30 kilometers away from our headquarters.

Hoog Catharijne Shopping Center in Utrecht, The Netherlands opened a newly renovated section in the beginning of April.
Originally, this property opened its doors in 1973,  right now it is the center with the highest amount of visitors in the country – and this will only grow. Our client, Klepierre, is working on a complete renovation of this project located in the middle of the country. Reimaging the future of retail and connecting the shopping center with the beautiful downtown area of the city of Utrecht.

Our team designed, produced and installed brands’ “coming” soon” announcements.  In addition to this we worked on multiple 3D Window Dressing® graphics to show the potential of spaces that were not yet ready to open.

But what made this project special for us was that 3DWD® assisted with the creation of immense 3D renderings to show what will be built in the following phases of the renovation. It was one of our largest projects that had to be printed in life-size so far. Our experienced 3D designers recreated the entire scene based on the construction plans, and then made it come to life by inventing the interior design of the created shell. Visionary thinking combined with an eye for detail – every little light bulb placed in one of our designs has to be set carefully in order to create the hyper-realistic effect of our designs. Once the design was created, our experienced technical crew produced and installed the oversized hoardings, the largest one was approx. 59 x 59 ft in size!

Always wondered what it would be like to “walk around” in one of our largest 3D models and how our studio experiences their daily job behind their screen? Take a peek “behind the scene” and watch the “making of” video we created for you below!


Without your engagement and your enthusiasm we could not have opened the doors to the public today, thank you so much for all your hard work!
Jos van Dalen
Senior Projectmanager, KLEPIERRE

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