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Overnight Installation by 3DWD

One night. 22 storefronts. Here is how we did it:

3DWD pulls an all-nighter for the Oshawa Centre Extension

Originally built in 1956, the Oshawa Centre has been a huge part of the community for 60 years. In fall 2016, the mall was extended and introduced 260,000 square feet of new retail space.

Several of the existing tenants moved location from the old part of the center to the newly built extension. Their old stores remained open until the very last moment – and needed to “disappear” visually for the grand opening the next morning.

Making 20+ stores with individual storefronts disappear in one night required a great deal of planning and preparation. Standard materials were not an option, as applying them would have taken far too long. We are not going to reveal all our secrets – but check out our video below to get an impression of what happened there!

As a global supplier of turnkey solutions in design and vacancy dressing for retailers and owners of real estate, this was a great challenge for our team and our partner network – and with a great team effort, we made it


Services performed by 3DWD:

  • Graphic design, tenant graphics and 3D design
  • Dressing of barricades and storefronts
  • Thorough preparation by local partner
  • Advise on and choice of the ideal material depending on the storefront
  • Use of different materials depending on the location
  • Project planning and project management
  • Timely professional installation

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