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Time changes…         …boys’ dreams don’t.

Optimizing spaces with Porsche

3DWD was asked to create what can technically not be achieved in a typical small Dutch house: A large showroom in 3D which would take you back in time!

In the maze of little alleys in the historic city center of Breda, you can admire a temporary virtual Porsche showroom.

For our design team this was a boys’ dream come true – the reconstruction of a Porsche showroom, keeping in mind all the elements of both this very individual and well-known brand and also the characteristics of the era back in time.

All in all, one of the biggest challenges in the history of 3DWD!

The project in a nutshell

  • Create special showroom through 3D Window Dressing®
  • Design the time travel concept (The Porsche 911 in the 70’s and in 2010)
  • Apply the corporate identity of the brand which is charged with emotions and history

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