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Barricades in Rosendaal

Brand communication on hoarding during center extension works

Rosada Fashion Outlet Center is one of our latest projects and at the same time one of the longest hoardings we have ever executed. The fashion outlet center is working on adding an extra 33% of GLA in the near future, therefore during the construction the developer decided to use 3DWD® solutions to improve the customer experience during constructions as this center will remain in operation.

We had the creative task to create a 320 meter long hoarding around the whole center to create a better atmosphere for shoppers by covering the ongoing constructions. One of the goals was to create a better way to communicate with shoppers. Now customers can imagine the impressive outcome of the construction with the help of our highly realistic 3D Window Dressing®s. Shoppers can also use the help of the directories and brand communications and more information about the Rosada Fashion Outlet Center – it is a great way to communicate and spark the interest.

Beside the brand communication of Rosada, announcements of new store openings and advertisements of existing stores are also shown on our unique hoarding.

We provided:

  • Creation of the longest hoarding line which covers the ongoing construction
  • Highly-realistic 3D Window Dressing® concepts
  • Impressive adaption of green forest concepts to real nature
  • Brand communication & Wayfinding
  • Managing and executing “the longest” project

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