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Virtual Concierge

by 3DWD

Today in retail, it is all about making people feel welcome, informing them about what’s going on in the mall and offer assistance with any questions shoppers may have.

We have developed a new concept which helps shopping centers to improve the customer experience and deliver concierge services throughout the property.

Our virtual concierge allows for direct interaction with a customer service person who does not need to be on site.

How does it work?

The premium solution is based on a real person who is digitally broadcasted to several locations. This person is trained (in partnership with hospitality consultants Livewire Performance) to assist people with a wide range of questions and make their experience a more pleasurable one.

It is also possible to have a version which is not real-time, but rather based on a touch screen with pre-recorded answers to FAQ’s. Our objective is to always make it feel like there is a direct interaction.

This elegant solution can be integrated into a vacant storefront as shown in the example below; alternatively it is possible to integrate the virtual concierge in a digital display, which can be used indoors and outdoors.

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