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How Virtual Reality can be of value to our Retail & Real Estate clients.

I have heard about VR – but what is it really?

We are quite sure that the term “Virtual Reality” or “VR” in short must sounds somewhat familiar to you by now, right? Everybody is talking about it and at 3DWD we are also very excited about all the new options we can deliver to you with this technology.  There are many different ways to bring this content to life, even from a low price point already. For instance, there is a Google Cardboard product, if you are completely new to these, they are available for as little as €15, and when you have one, all you need to do is insert your smartphone into it and start exploring! (There is an example of a Google Cardboard below on this page).

Great – so how can it help me?

The big advantage of affordable mediums like Google cardboard (and others) is that it allows us to show the result of new concepts for retail and real estate in a 360 degree 3D environment.

Rather than working with stills or animations, we can use these new software options to create immersive experiences which help professionals to make better decisions and experience changes before they have been implemented.

Our 360V Visual Marketing software can now also be used in this way, which helps marketeers to see what a store will look like before the new campaign goes live, as well as if everything is executed as planned.

Which other examples / uses do you see for Virtual Reality?

A nice example of how we have used this was in collaboration with TAB agency in Amsterdam for the creation of a VR app for an American fitness brand. The virtual reality that we created helps them show the potential ways a gym can be configured to their clients. A true 3D experience which can be spiced up with our 3D graphics all around, really placing people in this new experience both from a physical and digital perspective.

Look yourself! For Android; For Apple.

Other uses we see are for:

  • Trade shows
  • Showing franchisees what a new concept will look like for them
  • Product launches
  • Real estate visualizations / experiences
  • New store concept testing

And much more…!

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