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Virtual Reality for Retail & Real Estate

A valuable addition to your business!

What is VR?

The terms “Virtual Reality” or “VR” must sound somewhat familiar to you by now, right? Everybody is talking about it and it hasn’t been different around our office. We are always excited about new technologies and we explore the best ways to combine it to your needs, delivering custom solutions. There are several ways to discover this technology and they come in a wide price range. For instance, the Google Cardboard is a budget option* which only requires a smartphone to begin with your VR experience.

*Prices start at €15

How can I use it?

As retail & real estate specialists, we believe that one of the biggest advantages of using VR is the ability to show the result of new concepts in a 3D environment and in 360 degrees.

Rather than working with stills or animations we can use these new software options to create immersive experiences which help professionals to make better decisions and experience changes before they’re implemented.

We’ve developed a 360V Visual Marketing software which helps marketeers and real estate agents with experiencing what a store or an apartment will look like after construction, even before all is ready to go. This experience can be, therefore, used as a way to show potential clients what they can expect from the project and find out what and how do they feel about it.

In the end, VR is a complete sensory experience which plays a crucial role in decision making processes!

Which other examples / uses do you see for Virtual Reality?

A nice example of how we use this technology is a project we worked in collaboration with TAB agency in Amsterdam to create a VR app for an American fitness brand. The virtual reality that we created helps them show the potential ways a gym can be configured to their clients.

This is a true 3D experience which can be spiced up with our 3D graphics all around, with people participating both from a physical and a digital perspective.

Check it out!

For Android; For Apple.

You can use VR for:

  • Trade shows
  • Showing franchisees what a new concept will look like for them
  • Product launches
  • Real estate visualizations / experiences
  • New store concept testing

And much more…!

Brainstorm with us and find out the best way to bring VR to your business!

Interested in what we can do for you?

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