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Retail surface shown from a different perspective.

There are many different ways how we use our 3D Window Dressing® graphics to create value for our clients. A particularly exciting one is where we virtually extend or “open up” the store by creating a virtual peek inside.

This can be done for retail stores or restaurants that are fully operational, but also to show what is “coming soon” in the case of a new store fit out.

It is also a very nice way to show shoppers what the store has to offer on a surface that is otherwise not particularly decorative – for example a wall behind a shelf or a blackened window on the back or side of the store.

As with everything we do there are virtually no limitations to what can be done, our 3D designs can be realistic or artistic. The execution can be done with vinyl or digital screens. In terms of interaction we can connect interactive technologies or mobile solutions.

We look at your brand and budget and together we can create a concept that works best for that location.


  • Virtually “open up” an existing store
  • Show a preview of what’s coming during store constructions
  • Engage with your consumers before you even open or when you are closed.

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