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We create unique brand identities and environments.

Our approach is designed to attend each and all of your needs!

Our team consists of designers, brand and retail specialists who work everyday to build and strengthen identities for shopping centres and retail brands. Part of our uniqueness lie on the fact that we also have 50 years of in-house experience in manufacture and execution of signage and wayfinding projects. Our design elements can be delivered within time and budget.

Working on projects with clients from around the world has allowed us to develop an approach which enables us to assist clients with precision and care.

Our steps are:

  • Define
  • Design
  • Deliver

With this approach as a starting point, we are able to assist you with the definition of the scope of the project up until the point that it can serve as a clear-cut briefing to our designers.

After a complete briefing, our designers are ready to begin with the creation phase. 3DWD provides a wide range of design services, from logo and custom signage to digital brand identities.

At last, with everything ready to go, we are ready for the project delivery. We provide you with a full delivery service, but if you would prefer to work with another supplier for this phase, we can assist you with finding the best option to finalize your project.

Whether you are working on a corporate rebranding or a property related project, we are here to help.

Get in touch to learn more about what we can do for you.


  • Consumer research & Market analysis
  • Innovation workshops & Brainstorming
  • Branding & Logo
  • Architectural graphic design
  • 3D Environmental, experimental graphic design
  • Communications planning
  • Customer journey development
  • Store design
  • Digital solutions

Want to work with us?

  • J'étais sur site hier. J'ai pu voir toutes vos vitrines qui rendent vraiment très bien, beau travail. Je ne doute pas qu'elles plairont à toutes les autres personnes qui s'y rendront.

    Clara FabryResponsable Marketing, FREY
  • Thank you! It truly was an amazing event. Feedback from our senior management was extremely positive, and everyone who visited the centre absolutely loved all the hoarding and banners we worked so hard on.

    Karl DitoroProperty Manager, Oshawa Centre
  • Zonder jullie inzet en enthousiasme hadden we vandaag niet de deuren kunnen openen, waarvoor super bedankt!

    Jos van DalenSenior Projectmanager, KLEPIERRE
  • The graphics truly turned out FABULOUS. We cannot thank you enough for ALL your efforts over the past several weeks...what an accomplishment in such a short amount of time!

    Lindsey Bayer-ShippCreative Director - Brand and Merchandising Strategist at Bayer Properties, LLC
  • The results of the first project were even better than I expected. I was pleasantly surprised how clear and bright the graphics look!

    Keith Anderson Assistant Real Estate Manager, CBRE
  • Again great job and thank you. While we prefer not to have barricades up in our malls, if we have to then I’d always want them covered by your designs.

    Joseph DeCerchioGroup Creative Director PREIT
  • OMG – you guys totally nailed this!!!! This is some of the best execution with minimal direction in a short period of time that I’ve ever seen…. Put that referral on your website if you want!

    Seth DavisVice President U.S. Real Estate @ The Carlyle Group
  • Thank you for your assistance and speediness with this massive, last minute project.  The graphics look amazing.  They are very cool.  

    Karen C. Alley Marketing Manager, Ridgedale Center, Minnetonka
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